Friday, 9 December 2016

It' beginning to look a lot like Christmas

No it's not my house, it's a neighbour's, my grandchildren love to see the lights.
Tomorrow I'm taking 2 of my DGD's to watch a pantomime, it should be fun.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


This weekend we are starting to view properties, I'm nosy, I will enjoy it.

We won't waste anyone's time, we will only look at the sort of places we can afford.

Maybe we will find what we want, maybe we won't, time will tell.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Another literary gem from the solicitors

On Monday I received an emailed copy of my completion documents.

They were incorrect!

Today I received this.

Good Morning,

Please find attached amended completion documents.

The broker fee of £XXX was not included on your initial paper work.

Please note the funds come in after 4pm yesterday so will be in your account by close of business today.



And she spelt my address incorrectly, I now live near the River Themes, what theme I'm not sure!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Family tradition

My daughters have started a family tradition.
When my children were young I struggled with very little money, one thing they rarely had was pyjamas, they usually slept in tee shirt and pants. I struggled to keep them clothed and pyjamas were an unaffordable luxury.

My mother in law would buy nightwear for her other grandchildren but not for mine, we'd had the temerity to move away and she always swore to starve us into returning. She blamed me for the move but actually it was her son who knew it was the only way to promotion. It didn't work, we never did move back but it made life even more difficult, we weren't hard up, my husband was just extremely tight fisted.

Anyway, I digress, because I couldn't afford pyjamas for the children we have reams of photo's of Christmas morning with the children opening their presents whilst dressed like tramps.

Having seen the photos and understood the significance, my daughters have started a tradition where every child receives a gift that they open Christmas eve. They get new pyjamas and a pack of chocolate coins.

This year Lizzie's car has broken down and this has cost £300, so she now can't afford the new nightwear, fortunately I received some Tesco vouchers, I managed to buy four pairs of pyjamas for £2.50 after using the vouchers.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

What a weekend

We had DGS12 to stay on Friday night and I took him home on Saturday morning.

As DD2's car is in for repair I picked him and his sisters up again and bought them back to our house about 4:30 as DD & SIL were going to a Christmas do.

We made some paper chains and did some colouring in for a while and then I made an assortment of sandwiches and other nibbly bits for tea.

Then we started putting them to bed in relays, I took them up one at a time to get them washed and their teeth cleaned, my L&M stayed downstairs and played hangman and battleship with the others.

Suzy went to bed at 6:30, Eileen at 7, Norah at 7:30. By 8 all was quiet, they had their stories read, they each had a hot water bottle and their chosen cuddly toy.

DGS is allowed to stay up later as he is 12 now  and anyway he had to sleep on the sofa as I don't have enough beds for everyone.

I went to bed around 10ish and DGS settled down to sleep.

At around 10:30 Eileen came in to ask if I would sleep in her bed with her, she doesn't sleep as well as the others so I got into bed with her.

At 11:15 I woke up because she was crying, she wasn't properly awake but was very upset. Turns out she has earache, poor little scrap.

We got dressed and drove to her house to get some Calpol, when we got back I dosed her up and we went back to bed, she had trouble getting back to sleep but managed to drop of eventually.

The children were all up by 8am and I provided an assortment of breakfasts, cereal, toast, scrambled eggs and bacon sandwiches.

We then made a lovely mess making and icing some biscuits, I took the children home at midday as my son in law had lunch ready for them.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Step one

It's 2:30 and I can't sleep, I had hoped to sleep better once the mortgage was sorted but it appears not.

Still, step one has been accomplished the old mortgage has been paid off with the new one. This reduces our mortgage repayments from almost £800  a month down to £250 a month. This gives us a little bit of wriggle room whilst we plan our next step.

All the Christmas presents have been ordered, those that have arrived have been hidden. One of the dgs's has a birthday before Christmas. His present has also been bought.

We have our 12 yo dgs here tonight, Saturday we have 4 dgc's staying from about 5ish overnight until lunchtime Sunday, I'm not expecting to get much sleep! I have meals and entertainment planned, it's not as posh as it sounds. There is enough in the cupboards and freezer to cater for everybody's tastes and as for entertainment, I've spent the last week collecting paper offcuts from the guillotine and I have some glue sticks, we will be making paperchains ready for Christmas. We will make some biscuits too and ice them, very messy but great fun.

A friend recently lost his mother, a blessed relief I feel as she spent the last few years confused, aggressive and confined to bed, dementia is a bastard of a disease.
My friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer seems to have come through surgery and is on the mend.

And now I will go and make a cuppa, then maybe I can sleep.

My Day

5:30 Get up, boil kettle, empty dishwasher, make 2 cups of tea, one each for my L&M and I, take his tea up to him.

6:00 Get washed & dressed, back downstairs, feed fish, make packed lunch, make 2nd cups of tea, make bacon sandwich and toast.

6:15 Drive to work, scream abuse at driver who nearly takes me out at the roundabout, despite it being my right of way. Start pc, and start machines running with first jobs, go to staff room to make coffee. No milk, curse bursar who economises by never buying enough. 

7:00 Fill machines, drink black coffee, check emails, set next ten jobs running.

7:30 Help staff with copier and print jobs for morning lessons. Calm down staff member who has planned for the wrong lesson.

8:30 Set more print jobs running.

9:30 Training course in the main hall on the new performance management software, otherwise known as ‘another way to ensure we don’t get a pay rise’.

10:30 Return to room to find 2 machines jammed and 4 staff having hysterics, squabbling over the one remaining working machine. Sort out machines and staff, set next ten print jobs running.

11:30 Two staff members start rowing, one storms out I’m left with the one in tears, pass him the tissues I keep in my office for just this sort of thing. Not sure why staff leader thought my room was the place to tell NQT that they need to try harder!

12:00-12:30 Lunch break, read Christmas Carol on my Kindle as other staff have had to make up the time they missed whilst on the training course, I should probably also work through my break but I don't.
1:00 Set more jobs running, laminate signs and posters, fill machines, help staff print jobs for the afternoon lessons, compared commiserate with staff member who is feeling unwell, 
fill shelves, tidy room.
2:00 Leave work, drive home, hang washing to dry, wash another load, prep evening meal, make beds in spare room ready for the weekend.
3:00 Collect my L&M from work. Make a pot of tea and share with him.
4:00 Take my L&M to catch bus, fill car with fuel, buy loaf.
4:30 Order last Christmas presents, fall asleep.
5:10 Wake up, cook meal, eat mine, plate up one for my L&M.
6:10 Clear up, wash up, fold dry washing and put away, sweep stairs.
7:30 Check email, read blogs, write blog, read Kindle.
9:30 Set off to collect my L&M
10:00 Sit with my L&M while he eats his meal, clear up.
10:30 Go to bed
Rinse and repeat.