Thursday, 27 October 2016

CBT updated

My L&M had a phone call from Occ Health again today, he was quite concerned when she suggested that CBT might be useful for him.
He thought she meant Compulsory Bike Test, or even Cock & Ball Torture, he was greatly relieved when she explained that it stood for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, as he doesn't own a motor bike and didn't fancy the second option either.
She then went on to tell him that the waiting lists are so long that he would have to pay for the treatment.
It cost between £45 - £100 per session, great, more money to find!
No wonder his line manager is so keen to blame my L&M's stress on our home life. She's worried she might be expected to cough up!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Thank you

For all your comments on my l last post.
I'll be the first to admit I'm not poor, I've never gone hungry though I've had a pretty crappy diet at times. But I have a roof over my head, running water and whilst my home isn't warm enough to wander round in a bikini in the depths of winter it isn't too cold either.
Things have at times been a lot worse than they are now, I still remember how excited I was when I found a discarded nail file in a car park one day, I couldn't afford to buy one and had no scissors to trim my nails with.
I'm worried about how tough things are going to get once I have to give up work and am living just on my state pension.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Blog off

If I don't enjoy a programme on TV I turn it off, for the sake of my blood pressure I am doing the same with some blogs. I have stopped following a few lately, I'm sick to bloody death of reading blogs by people who lecture on about how they live a frugal life whilst having no idea how difficult it is to manage on a low wage.

Bloggers wittering on about doing without, when they have three holidays in the sun or think nothing of spending £100 on new clothes or magazine subscriptions claiming that the free gifts make it worth while etc.

I expect I'm just jealous really as my lifestyle is so different.

Today I went through my bedside table and collected a few hair ties, as I said I've had a pay cut and it's started to bite. So I'm not having my hair cut now, I was spending about £50 a year on hair cuts, £50 a year I no longer have therefore I am doing without and will let my hair grow.

Yes I bought new boots as I cannot go through the winter with bare legs and canvas shoes.
I won a pinafore dress on eBay, £2.99 plus postage, still under a fiver. It is not a fashion item, it is essentials. Two of my winter dresses have been relegated to the bin as they were wearing into holes.

These purchases are the reason I'm dog sitting, lovely as my lodger is I could really do without out the extra work he entails, I have enough on my plate with my L&M not being well, a friend has just had a horrible medical diagnosis and DD1 moved on Thursday and is knee deep in DIY & unpacked boxes.

Winston and the postie

I've just experienced, for the first time, Winston's reaction to the postman, we were warned he was not keen.
This morning he was asleep on my lap under his blanket (his favourite place) when the postie arrived.
My letter box is double sided so the posties fingers were in no danger, but as soon as the letterbox rattled Winston launched himself off my lap from a standing start, slid across the laminate floor, cannoned in to the fish tank stand, righted him self, galloped along the hall, still wrapped in the blanket, barking ferociously. I'm in hot pursuit yelling 'don't touch my bloody post!'.
It enlivened up an otherwise dull morning.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

I've lost all feeling in my right leg

And this is the reason why

Under the blanket is a very big dog, asleep on my leg!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

My husband, my hero

I told him I was finding it difficult to walk Winston as he is very strong and he tends to drag me along, so he now takes him for a walk every day with me.

Last week he was on the early shift so three days after work we went to DD1, Helen's house and he fitted a laminate floor in her lounge and hall.

This morning we returned to Helen's and he planed the bottom of 7 doors as they would no longer close over the carpet she's had fitted upstairs.

He did the doors with the 'help' of DGD Molly she is 11 and loves to help, she really enjoys spending time with him as she sees little of her dad and has no contact with her grandparents on either side.

Molly thought originally that my husband was Helen's real dad as he is so kind to Helen and her. She thought stepdads were mean and nasty, but then the man she thought was her stepdad was in fact her mum's dealer.

Tomorrow we are returning to Helen's to plumb in her dishwasher and washing machine.

Lizzie phoned when we got home from Helen's this afternoon to ask if we could look after two year old Suzy, tomorrow as they have complimentary tickets to LEGOLAND it will be a bit cold and boring for Suzy.

When I told my L&M he said, 'She'll have to come with us won't she, she'll enjoy playing with her 2 year old cousins'.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Winston finds a friend

DGS and Winston are best friends, he also likes to sit under a blanket on mine or DGS's knee.
Yesterday my L&M and I took him to the lock, he enjoyed his walk but wasn't sure about the cows!