Wednesday, 31 August 2016


I read quite a few blogs, some I have stopped reading as there is a limit to the amount of 'How to knit a 3 course meal from vacuum dust' instructions I can read.

I also find some blogs just too perfect or maybe some people's homes, lives and children really are perfect.

I don't mean the blogs that are about a specific subject, such as Attic 24 or The Patchwork Heart, both crochet blogs that I enjoy. Obviously the photo's on these blogs are perfect but they need to be.

Just in case you are interested, here is a list of just a few of my favourite blogs.

John at Going Gently frequently moves me to tears, tears of sadness when John writes about the loss of one of his beloved dogs and tears of laughter, usually when he writes about his bulldog Winnie and her obsession with the slippers of sex.

Peter and Jane makes me roar with laughter, she doesn't blog very often but posts regularly on Facebook. She tells the truth about family life, warts and all, with her husband, children and judgy dog, the dog seems to disapprove of her alcohol intake.

Weaver of Grass and Magnon's Meanderings are always worth reading, always interesting, as is Always Another Chapter which is written by a writer friend of mine

If you are looking for cheap recipes there is Cooking on a Bootstrap, yes Jack does post political stuff too, but she has lived in real poverty, not the pretend 'Look how little I can spend on food, whilst having three holidays a year and driving a Bentley' crap.
Another blog with cheap recipes is Thrift Cottage.

Also I love to read Katie's Recycle, she is another 'tell it like it is blogger', we share a similar sense of humour and she is the only person I know who's life turns to shit even more often than mine, despite her hard work and best efforts.

Back to the subject of perfect, Devon Dreaming is a new blog with some perfectly beautiful photos of Devon and I'm sure there will be more to come.

If I read your blog and I haven't mentioned you, it's nothing personal, just my crap memory.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Hubby's friend is receiving a large pay out from his wife's job, as she died so young her 'death in service' payment is huge.
It is a very sad way to receive money but he will have enough to put a roof over his head for the foreseeable future.

I did all the calculations, I worked out the finances and made the decision that I would retire by Christmas 2017, woohoo, I was on a count down.

Over the weekend I checked out the figures my L&M had given me for his side of the plans.

I have no idea what he was thinking of but he made a huge miscalculation.

I will now be working for another 3 to 5 years, to say I'm devastated would be putting it mildly, I shall be trundling round at work with a Zimmer frame!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Mother in law

My first Mother-in-law was a malicious, spiteful, old besom.
There was nothing personal in her spite, it was just a form of entertainment to her.
She loved her siblings but had very little contact with them as she constantly caused trouble in their marriages.
She also caused trouble between her sons and their wives.
She told my husband that our firstborn could not possibly be his child as he has blue eyes.
She told my ex husbands 2nd wife that he'd never love her as much he had loved me.
She is now in a home, she hates it but neither of her daughters-in-law will take care of her and only one of her sons visits her.
She has breast cancer and dementia, she cannot tell her arse from her elbow.
But she still causes trouble at every available opportunity.
She claims to sit in her room alone every day, when in fact she joins with everything going.
She claims to have no visitors ever when in fact her grandchildren visit her regularly.

My 2nd mother-in-law was an amazing woman, kind, loving and is sadly missed.

Saturday, 27 August 2016


I've never really understood the current passion for selfies, I have two very pretty work colleagues and both their facebook pages are filled with hundreds and hundreds of selfies followed by loads of comments from friends saying how beautiful they look.

I also know plenty of unattractive people and they also feel the need to post lots of selfies.

I understand family photos, holiday photos, weather photos etc.

It's the countless 'Here's me looking to the left', 'here's me looking to the right', 'here's me drunk and here's me sober' photos I don't understand.

Maybe I'm just jealous, as there is no way I'm inflicting my face on an unsuspecting public


A pigeon had the temerity to land in my garden this afternoon to which the dog took great exception.
She tore out into the garden and I think it was touch and go whether the rather fat pigeon would manage to take off in time and escape.
It did, but only because it only managed to get as far as the top of the compost bin. As the dog is a Jack Russell cross she couldn't reach it and the pigeon was then able to make it on to the fence and away.

The pigeon wasn't the only one to get a fright today.
I was driving home after collecting my L&M from work when a jogger suddenly ran out from behind a parked van. I slammed on the brakes and managed to stop in time, she did apologise, she was wearing headphones so hadn't heard me coming.


Congratulation to Charlotte and Luke who got married yesterday at Bradfield college.

I have no idea who they are but there were signs up announcing the wedding as I drove past yesterday.

I was also lucky enough to see Charlotte in a horse drawn carriage and she looked beautiful.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

On my hook

Baby blanket for a colleague using Sparkle from B&M and an odd ball of white chunky, using an 8mm hook.
I always use a hook one size bigger for the foundation chain otherwise the chain is too tight.